Simple integration
across all platforms

Our Qurated API provides an easy way to integrate surveys into either your website or mobile app, allowing you to quickly display the right survey to the right user at the right time.

Choose how to reward your users

Simply decide the right revenue share between you and your users. We also support custom currencies if you reward your users with non-monetary prizes.

Choose your survey delivery method

Qurated has a number of different methods for serving surveys to your users. We can assist you with choosing the best method to deliver the most value to your business and your users

Dev Friendly & Fully Supported

Developers, we understand what you need! All of our documentation is freely available online, and fully supported via Slack or other realtime online communications channel.

Take A Look For Yourself

Check out our demo site and see how our technology can be seamlessly integrated into your website.

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So Why Partner With Us ?

An Additional Revenue Source


More Engaged & Rewarded Users


Valuable Data & Insights on Users


Get in touch with our team. We would love the opportunity to discuss how Qurated can help engage and monetise your audience…

Over 70 million surveys have been completed by happy Qmee users