Valuable insights
from your users

We help our partners grow their business, by giving them real insights into their audience. A user needs to complete a short registration process before they can access any surveys: this “profiler” gives you rich zero-party data, or declared data.

Understand Your Demographics

Our user analytics allow you to analyze your user data in order to give you a clearer view of your user cohorts. Combine customer behavior data from web and mobile applications to create a holistic view of the user and the user experience.

Keep Track Of Your Revenue

Monitor your daily gross revenue based on the surveys completed by your users, as well as their engagement and completion rates.

Manage Your Rewards

We understand that every publisher, and their audience, are different. You can reward your users with cash, or convert that cash into your own custom currency! Use our Offerwall settings to ensure that the Reward programme you use matches the needs of your users.


So Why Partner With Us ?

An Additional Revenue Source


More Engaged & Rewarded Users


Valuable Data & Insights on Users


Get in touch with our team. We would love the opportunity to discuss how Qurated can help engage and monetise your audience…

Over 70 million surveys have been completed by happy Qmee users