What are
Rewarded Surveys?

The idea that data should power business decisions is now widespread. Businesses turn to market research agencies to deliver that data. Most market research agencies run their own panels of users who provide data, by completing surveys. These market research agencies need to find additional opinions. This is where Qurated comes in!


When user experience is overlooked

Not all surveys that are made available to additional users are equal. The Market Research Agencies only pay for completed surveys, so good user experience is not always prioritized. But the good news is...

Qurated is different!

We approach market research from the perspective of the user, and delivering them the best possible experience. Our data science team focuses on optimising for user experience, ensuring that each user can access the best survey for them, at any given moment.


Machine Learning makes the difference

Over time, we’ve found that happy users deliver the best results for everyone. Our advanced machine learning models mean that we can provide the best results for our users, and also for our Market Research partners.

Happy users returning again and again

As your users are routed into the right survey for them at the right time, they will have the maximum opportunity to deliver a successfully completed survey. Earning money from the Market Research Agency that can be passed to a user as a Reward.


So Why Partner With Us ?

An Additional Revenue Source


More Engaged & Rewarded Users


Valuable Data & Insights on Users


Get in touch with our team. We would love the opportunity to discuss how Qurated can help engage and monetise your audience…

Over 70 million surveys have been completed by happy Qmee users