Why choose

Integrating rewarded surveys directly from the suppliers in to your business can be time consuming and costly - especially if you are new to this industry.

User experience

We offer API as well as low-code integration options, so that you can choose the best integration in line with your resources.


Mobile First

We deliver best-in-class in-app experiences, as well as on desktop, so the benefits of a revenue stream, additional data, and logged in users apply as much in your app as in a browser.

Not only this, but Rewarded Surveys are a great way to encourage your users to log in!

Granular control and reporting

Your users are different to any other audience: we believe you should have the power to customise their experience!


So Why Partner With Us ?

An Additional Revenue Source


More Engaged & Rewarded Users


Valuable Data & Insights on Users


Get in touch with our team. We would love the opportunity to discuss how Qurated can help engage and monetise your audience…

Over 70 million surveys have been completed by happy Qmee users